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Escape the Winter at these Sunny Destinations

Published November 08, 2018

Summer sun may seem just a memory as the layers are being piled on and the leaves begin to turn, but for the jetsetting fashionista, beach season need not be over. If you’re still looking to get your tan on and get the most out of that summer wardrobe, here are five fantastic beach destinations to travel to this autumn and winter you might not have considered.

Hoi An, Vietnam

A place near and dear to our hearts, Hoi An is actually where we met our fabulous photographer Charlotte - the beginnings of a beautiful creative relationship.

This sleepy coastal town has a lot more going for it than just beaches. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, there is some beautiful history and culture to be discovered in the Old Town, and the diverse cultural influences have left a charming mark on the local architecture. A quick bike ride away and you’re surrounded by the scenic countryside of Vietnam.

Hoi An is the perfect winter beach destination if you want to beat the crowds. November is when the typhoon season tails off, and temperatures are typically in the low to mid-70s with plenty of sunshine. You’ll have a great time whether you stay in a boutique hotel in town or at a beachside luxury resort.

Canary Islands, Spain

Located off the Iberian coast of Spain, these islands enjoy summer-like temperatures year round, making them the perfect place to escape to when you’re looking for sun and sand to ward off the winter blues.

The largest island in this archipelago, Tenerife, is known as the land of the eternal spring, and Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote are equally gorgeous. Enjoy not just the warm temperatures and clear skies but the fantastic landscapes and plentiful outdoor activities.

Soak up the sun whilst lounging around one of the luxury resorts on the main islands, or escape to some of the lesser-known islands like El Hierro and La Gomera which are still wild and unspoiled.

Havana, Cuba

Our European friends have long enjoyed the delights of balmy Havana, but for many Americans, this tropical destination is still somewhat under the radar.

Stroll the historic streets of Old Havana, enjoy rides in vintage taxis, sample the local beer or delicious Havana Club cocktails and let yourself be taken in with the Cuban passion for music and dance. The city is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Winter temperatures here average in the balmy 80s and the coastal waters will be warm and perfect for swimming or diving. Havana celebrated its 500th birthday this year and the recent rise in tourism has seen the opening of fantastic new properties, from shining modern towers to beautifully converted historic buildings. The time to visit is now.

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is a region of history, culture and great natural beauty. Instead of the more typical Cancun holiday, consider spending time in tantalizing Tulum.

Enjoy the Caribbean coast beaches and snorkeling and diving in bath-warm waters or go hiking in the scenic hills. You won’t have to go far to explore the fantastic ruins of the Mayan empire. Tulum also has a reputation for being the artsiest of the cities in the Mexican Yucatan, and you’ll see this reflected in the activities on offer, the design and decor of hotels and restaurants, and the boutique shopping.

Temperatures fall into the 80s after hurricane season ends, and the best time to visit Tulum is between November and January. With the best of so many worlds, the city is a great destination any time of year, but even more perfect for your winter escape.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Located in the southern hemisphere, Australia’s beaches are a great place to go when you want to escape winter in the north. While last on this list, it’s certainly not least in our hearts as our very own Leah hails from this corner of the globe.

While Australia’s beaches are world-class, for a truly stunning beach vacation, we recommend Whitsunday Islands. This collection of sandy isles lie near the Great Barrier reef, and spending time in and under the waves here is truly phenomenal. You can also enjoy hiking and nature if you somehow manage to get bored of beach, waves and sun.

Expect sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s when visiting between October to January, though the weather here is beach-worthy year round. Enjoy the epitome of tropical beach life while staying in Airlie Beach, the main hub of Whitsundays, or luxe it up at one of the many resorts on the scattered islands.


Just because the year draws to a close and the weather demands extra layers at home doesn’t mean the time for beach holidays is over. It’s always summer somewhere, and your perfect tropical holiday awaits at these and countless other stunning destinations.


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