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Liberate your style! Launch Notes from the Creators

Published July 03, 2018

We’re excited to introduce the full Leah von Ahlburg 2018 Resort Collection, now available exclusively through our online store. This journey has been one of creativity and growth, and we hope our fashion and ethos helps you to express your authentic self, joyfully and fearlessly.

When I can be inspired and be led by my dreams, my fear of failure stops becoming an obstacle – Jane Vaughan

LEAH:     When Jane asked me to create Leah von Ahlburg Collection, I thought about it for five minutes before saying, “why not?” Our individual strengths and abilities have a synergy that cannot be ignored, and I knew we were up to the challenge of creating a fashion brand. So here we are, launching the first collection with a lot of hard work and love from everyone who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

JANE:    Coming out of retirement at 67 to create something out of nothing with me, I knew I’d found a friend in Leah. A friend who could dream with me. At the beginning of this effort, I was caught up in the goal of achieving - a hangover from my past.  This process of taking our designs from concept to launch, however, has taught me that it is more important to be led and motivated by the dream, not the achievement. When I can be inspired and be led by my dreams, my fear of failure stops becoming an obstacle.

“Tout est permis” as the French say, anything goes! – Leah von Ahlburg

LEAH:    I wanted my designs to be fun, colorful, comfortable, casual and elegant. But more importantly, to inspire a freedom of spirit.  The days of being told what to wear and how to wear it are long gone. “Tout est permis” as the French say, anything goes! This way lies freedom. When I was young, fashion was all about what was trendy for the day, and individuality was rare.

JANE:    Freedom and security don’t have to be mutually exclusive. On a personal level, our brand invites you to be free to express yourself and feel secure in that expression.  Leah von Ahlburg Collection is also about personal evolution, creativity, rising above the mire that keeps us stuck, and the rebirth of our imagination.

LEAH:    Fashion should not be hard work. You should be able to throw a few good pieces in a bag, pull it out at your destination, put it on with one or two accessories and walk out the door with no fuss.  That is one of the reasons I put fringing on some of the kaftans not only gives them a tribal feel but also eliminates the need for accessorizing your neck. A pair of my earrings with a couple of bracelets and you can be out the door.

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LVA New Collection - Woman wearing colorful kaftan on the beach