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Three Summer Fashion Trends We’re Excited to Wear

Published July 27, 2018

Summer’s back and vacation-goers the world over are flocking to beautiful beaches to get their bit of sun.

As we pack our holiday bags this season, there are a few summer outfits we’ll leave behind this time around and a few hot new items we’re excited to wear as we lounge on the beach, strut our stuff by the pool or make eyes at that perfectly tanned bartender during cocktail hour - ssh! There’s no harm in looking darling.

We don’t put much stock in trends, they come and go, but style, that’s everlasting. Every once in a while though, it’s nice when the items you love also happen to chime with the look of the moment, so without further ado, here are three of our must-pack resort styles.


It’s all very exciting for the twenty-somethings to go bouncing around in barely-there bikinis and bandage dresses, but some of us think that sexy can be subtle. And is there anything more subtly alluring than a swish of sheer fabric around the feminine shape? Is there anything sexier than a woman who feels comfortable, who can move, who can sway her hips to the music without fear of a too-tight dress ripping at the seams?  

Whether the kaftan is worn over a swimsuit as a beach coverup or as the main item of a cocktail hour ensemble, it’s a gorgeous fashion item and should be a staple in any woman’s closet. Toss it in your travel bag and don’t worry if there are a few wrinkles when you pull it out, you’re on holiday! If you’re feeling good, the relaxed look is in no matter the season.

Tassel Earrings

For far too long have oversized earrings been relegated to the realm of matronly. This year, even the darlings of Instagram are all over these over-the-top earrings. We’re so in love with these colorful confections we couldn’t resist throwing a few into our first collection.

A good accessory takes an outfit from blah to bombshell, and the extra spring in your step you’ll get from wearing an accessory that is just plain fun is sure to make heads turn. These eye-catching earrings also go with a beachy look as well as they do your favorite LBD, so you’ll still be wearing them long after your summer tan’s faded into memory.

Palazzo Pants

This 70s style staple started to make a comeback a few years back and this summer, they’re adding an elegant swing to many an outfit. The high waist and wide hems help enhance curves or even lend the illusion of them to our more svelte friends, so they look great on women of any shape and size.

The best part about palazzo pants is that they’re also comfortable to wear and come in a variety of fabrics. Hold the denim for summer and try breathable cotton or a lightweight blended fabric. Pair with a cropped top for a more youthful look, or a neatly tucked white shirt for a timeless ensemble. We like it with a loose tank-top ourselves.


Your summer vacation is all about letting loose and enjoying yourself, and your wardrobe should help you do that. This summer, try out a trend or two, but don’t forget to do you.