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Must-Pack Items for a Stylish Summer Holiday

Published August 01, 2018

Hello summer! With beach vacations imminent, it’s time to sort out that summer wardrobe to make sure you have everything you need to be perfectly prepared and perfectly stylish on your next holiday.

Starting with the essentials, here are the must-pack items you need to for your next beach holiday!

The Essential Swimsuit

An absolute must for a good time at the beach or pool, your swimsuit is the star or your holiday. The reality of swimsuits is that all that water and wear breaks down the fabric and elastic, and you’re not doing yourself any favors by stepping out a saggy number.

You don’t need to update your suit to the most on-trend this summer (please do yourself a favor darling and ignore that contingent of Instagrammers trying to convince you that “underboob” is the look of the moment), just make sure you’ve got something that’ll offer the right support and compliment your shape.

You’ve got so many trends to choose from this summer! From sporty color-blocking to lady-like smocking, and classic high-waisted bottoms to high-cuts a la Baywatch, you can hardly go wrong, whatever you choose. When you’re heading to the pool or walking along the beach this summer, wear something that makes you feel great about your body and focus on enjoying the sunshine, not getting the Likes.

A Must-Have Coverup

Walking across the resort lobby in nothing but your swimmers is a bit on the bold side, even for us, so don’t forget to pack that favorite of all holiday essentials, the swimsuit coverup.

Summer dresses and oversized shirts will always be a good choice, but this summer, we’re excited that the classic kaftan is having another “moment.” This look was made popular in the 60s and 70s by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Grace of Monaco, and we’re seeing them back on the runway again of late.

Our own take on the kaftan evokes classic femininity. The sheer sensual fabric we use both flatters the feminine shape and also help keep you cool on those hot summer days. Other designers are going for minimalist looks and solid colors, but we can’t resist a great pattern. Whatever your preference, enjoy the comfort of this timeless fashion item and be sure to pack one for your next beach holiday.

The All Important Hat

Slathering on some SPF is an absolute must for women of any age. There’s nothing worse for your skin than UV rays, and the delicate skin of the face can always use a little extra protection.

En vogue or not, smart women have always packed a hat for the beach, but the recent popularity of this sun sensible trend has made it that much easier to shop for your idea of the perfect hat.

Wide-brimmed fedoras are a fashion-forward choice, but at the beach, a classic straw hat will always be perfect.

Don’t Forget Sandals

Last but not least, your beach outfit needs to be complete from head to toe. Because you can’t always dig your toes in the sand, pack a pair of sandals to complete your look.

This summer, we’ve seen interesting new takes on the sandal, with beaded embellishments and even velvet straps. For a beach holiday, though, classic sandals like the flat espadrille or leather slides may be a safer choice.

Far be it for us to dictate what you will and will not wear though! Whether you prefer a simple thong flip-flop or you’re ready to try one of this summer’s more daring sandal trends, be sure to pack a pair - or five! - for your next beach holiday.


Of course, you should probably pack something to wear for cocktail hour and an outfit for sightseeing, not to mention what you’ll wear on the journey itself. When getting ready for your next summer vacation though, you don’t need anything more than these four items for a great day at the beach.