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Behind the Scenes - Shooting the Collection Lookbook in Phuket

Published August 20, 2018

At Leah von Ahlburg, we’re sunseekers at heart, which is why when we decided to launch the brand, we knew a resort collection full of gorgeous essentials for the travel-savvy woman was the way to go.

Our summery kaftans are perfect for holiday, but for tropics-dwelling designer Leah, they’re a year-round staple. With this new fashion label, really, we’re just doing what we love, so when it came to choosing a shoot location for our collection lookbook, we picked a place - and people! - we knew we’d have some fun with.

Below are some of our favorite shots and behind the scenes tidbits from our Phuket, Thailand photoshoot. We wanted beachy backdrops, luxury pools, and lots of color, and luxury holiday destination Phuket delivered.

woman in white outfit on beach - woman in patterned outfit by the pool - woman in striped dress holding an umbrella

Perfectly turquoise waters, lush tropical pools and exploring Chinatown after the rain. Phuket had a little bit of everything to keep our trip - and our shoot! - interesting.

man walking on sandy beach

Makeup artist Day enjoys his barefoot time at the beach and takes in the stunning views.

woman in striped tank top and palazzo pants walking on the beach

You can never predict the weather! Clouds roll in but nothing can ruin our day at the beach.

clear turquoise waters and sandy beach phuket thailand

Nothing compares to the beauty of those blues and greens leading to the horizon.

woman in colorful kaftan walking along edge of an infinity pool

We found this incredible infinity pool where the water just drops straight into the sea. Proceeding to put our stomachs in throats, our model and resident daredevil, Catalia, decided that the best shots would be from right on the edge.

woman in colorful kaftan against beach sunset backdrop

Producer Jane insisted on skipping the lunch break to eat on the go, but she was right to rush. Our last change in clothing and location was timed perfectly for this beautiful sunset.

two women smiling and goofing off in a photo studio

Bonus shots from the studio. Leah having fun stepping back in front of the camera with our model Snooker.