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Shopping and Dressing in Your 30s, 40s, 50s and Above

Published October 03, 2018

We wouldn’t dare dish out fashion rules, after all, style comes from knowing and celebrating your inner self. As a team of women aged from under thirty to over sixty though, we have collectively come to a few fashion realizations over the years. Though we each follow our own path and experience different journeys, there are a few milestones most women have in common and some style mantras we can share.

Flirty Thirties

In her twenties, a woman can throw any old thing on and she’ll look amazing. Such is the glory of youth. In her thirties, though, a woman starts dressing with intention - as much a function of a body that starts showing that extra slice of cake or missed gym session as it is the joy of truly becoming your own person.

We think it’s fine to have arms that aren’t perfectly toned and some love around the handles, but your confidence will get a boost if you dress in a way that embraces the body you’re in. Not to mention all the angst and aggravation of your twenties should give you a better sense of your own womanhood, so now it’s time to start dressing like you.

At thirty, cultivate your style with confidence, it’s time to invest in the wardrobe that helps you to be your best you.

Fuss-free Forties

Ah the forties. At this age, you’re likely coming into the peak of your professional years, or your pack of offspring have never needed more attention in their lives, or - heaven help us! - you may be one of those women who’ve insisted on “having it all” and are up to your eyeballs with both.

Whatever is on your plate, we know it’s totally loaded up, that’s why dressing in your forties is all about minimizing fuss and maximizing impact. Following the latest trends? Sure, let’s snag the latest “it” item to glam up an outfit but who’s got time for a wardrobe overhaul?

A woman in her forties can be trendy and sophisticated or laid back yet stylish. At this age though, it’s time to toss aside all those things you’ve never gotten around to wearing and focus on the standout and versatile items that you know you love. Who has time to worry about dressing for others? Wear what you love.

Fabulous Fifties

Finally, you’re coming into your prime years, and never has there been a better time to go a little wild. At this age, if you feel like breaking a few rules, go for it! You’ve earned some respect by now. At 50, you’ve started hitting your stride, and you know your body and how to celebrate it. Sticking with the same old, same old can send you into a rut though, so be sure have some fun and keep experimenting.

If you’re used to dressing in plain neutrals, go a little nuts with print or bold colors. Tend to play it safe with accessories? Wear something no one would expect you to! It might not always work out, but life is about trying new things, and just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you should stop discovering new parts of yourself or finding new favorite styles. There’s no limit to who you can be or how your style can change, so keep playing. Life is for the living and you’re far from done with this adventure.

Sexy Sixties

That’s right, we said it. There is nothing, we repeat, nothing, sexier than a woman who is confident and self-assured, and women in their sixties have too few cares to give to waste time worrying about what other people think. There’s something to be admired about that. At this age, you’ve seen trends come and go, and come back, and go again, so no one’s fooling you darling, you’ll wear, and do, what you like.

Tank tops that - gasp! - expose your arms? Short skirts? Tight pants? There’s nothing off limits. Just because you’re getting on in years, doesn’t mean you’ve lost an ounce of cool or sass. So whatever it is that makes you feel vivacious and confident, double-down on that. The world of fashion and media may want to pretend like you’re invisible now, but you didn’t spend all this time living, loving, and learning just to go hide in a corner. Be visible, be proud, and when it comes to what you wear, express yourself!


How has your style evolved over the years? Are there pieces in your closet older than your children, or are you like Madonna, reinventing yourself every few years? Our founders found a new lease on life in their 40s and 60s respectively, so at Leah von Ahlburg Collection, we think there’s no limit to what women can do, how they can change, or what they can wear.